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Introducing Helston High Street campaign

Helston High Street shops need help as they are facing reduce footfall and I have written to town officials and leaders further afield to present the Helston High Street campaign flyers, website and facebook page.

I have been motivated to act and go online to promote our high street as I am deeply concerned about the state of many retail businesses in Helston’s town centre.

Current concerns are:

1 . Reduced footflow into shops

2. Negative comments and misconceptions that High Street retail has “had its day”

3. Lack of positive promotion of the town centre retail neighbourhood

4. High business rates

To address the negative impressions of town centre retail, expressed in social media, I am looking to address the problem, raise awareness, change perceptions and bring back footfall to Helston High Street.

I am launching Helston High Street – Shop Local. Support Your Town. A campaign leveraging digital and social media channels.

High street businesses, not just in Helston but around Cornwall and the rest of the UK need help. Let’s shop local and support our town.

David Barrett

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