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The future of Helston High Street

Helston High Street is at the heart of our community. It’s a place for social exchange and enjoyment, offering important services and shopping experiences, and for showcasing Helston’s heritage, uniqueness, and culture. These ambitions, however, do not simply happen. It is vital that we all act together to bring the spotlight on, footfall to and shopping in Helston’s high street shops and coffeeshops. campaign is playing a small role in creating awareness of what our local high street has to offer.

The four key objectives of the campaign are:



Creating brand awareness

Changing perceptions

The image of Helston High Street is the sum of beliefs, ideas and impressions that a person has of the place.

There are organic images, formed by visitors through past experiences and social media channels.

And there are induced images of the high street. An induced perception is created through information and images received from external sources, such as digital/social channels and off-line promotion.

Through place branding of Helston High Street, the aim is to develop a unique identity and personality for the town centre retail neighbourhood that is different and sets it apart from competitors.

A shared vision for a healthy high street that combines retail, hospitality and essential services. A shopping experience that is engaging and sustainable making shoppers want to revisit the town centre shopping district on a frequent basis.

Helston High Street aims to be:

· A place that people want to visit and spend time in by offering products, services and attractions.

· Easily accessible and meeting the needs of all ages and genders.

· A town centre that celebrates its own individual character and history

· Part of the solution to the climate crisis by employing sustainable retail practices

· A place for creativity, culture and art with shops supporting town centre events and activities.

· Fully supportive of Helston CIC’s town rejuvenation levelling-up plans

A good high street combines retail, hospitality, culture and essential services in a sustainable and attractive environment. That’s the future for Helston High Street.

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